1. When your mother makes you vacate your room because that’s where your aunty/uncle will be staying.

stress frown
So all that foreign currency and no money for hotel?

2. When you see all the goodies they brought for you and your siblings.

dance two
Time to stunt!

3. When they are extra surprised you’ve grown since the last time they saw you.

Was I supposed to stay the same size forever?

4. When they start exclaiming that Nigeria has developed because of internet.

obama laugh
Just wait till there is no water in the tap tomorrow.

5. When they start using one accent that does not have head or tail.

woz doing you
Please which part of the overseas does this one come from?

6. When your parents start reporting every small thing you’ve done to them.

Ugh Why
Who asked you oh!

7. When your parents volunteer you as driver/tour guide/personal assistant for your uncle or aunty.

So I don’t have my own life I want to live abi?

8. How they dress when you people are going out.

John Okafor Mr Ibu
So you people don’t even care about fashion in the overseas or what?

9. When they start encouraging your parents to send you abroad.

nod black man
Tell them please!

10. When your parents shut down that encouragement:

naomi sad
So no abroad living for me?

11. When your uncle or aunty take you out, they’re like:

blackish money
Yes aunty and uncle. Spend that money on me!

12. When they leave and your parents now have time to be disturbing you again:

Nothing good lasts forever sha.

Source: Zikoko

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