1. When you fall in front of EVERYONE!

Stand up and yell “FOUND IT”.

2. When that silent fart comes out loud in an elevator

Stare at someone till they apologize. You did it, but you’re living through it same as everyone else.

3. When your handshake ends up confused

The 21 Most Awkward Moments In Handshake History
LOL! That’s really funny, but don’t give up.

4. Or completely missed

The 21 Most Awkward Moments In Handshake History
Keep Trying. The hands will eventually meet.

5. When your highfive is ignored

The 21 Most Awkward Moments In Handshake History
Don’t stop trying to highfive them.

6. When you try to push a pull door

Keep pushing, mate. Don’t let the door win. Break it if you have to, just don’t stop pushing.

7. Or you walk right into a glass door

When you walk into a glass door and spill your milkshakes.
It’s the door’s fault for being too transparent.

8. When your food pours all over the floor

Delicious food is still delicious. No matter what surface you eat it from.

9. When you burn your dodo

NHS Dodo
Eat it. Because it’s still dodo at heart.

10. When you mistakenly wear your shirt inside out…outside of your house

What if it was intentional, right? They don’t know.

11. When you actually cannot walk in your heels

27 Times When You Shouldn't Give Up
But you still believe in your slay, so it doesn’t really matter.

12. When a car splashes water on your work clothes

Just imagine you washed the trouser. It will dry. It’s all moisture.

13. Bonus mentions

Crying inside

1. When your heel breaks
Break the second heel. Might be a fashion revolution.
2. When you realize you missed a belt hole
Don’t redo it. Power through the day
3. When your slippers cut mid-walk
Remove the second one and do your walk of shame.
5. When you wear two different legs of socks
Don’t worry. Someone else will look like a bigger idiot than you.
6. When the wind blows your wig right off
If it can be blown off that easily, do you really want it? Go your way, sister.
7. When you’re riding okada and one leg of slippers falls off
Don’t look back. Never stop moving forward. It’s in the past now.

We’ve all been there. Please just own the awkward!

Source: Zikoko

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