They are two types of women; Nigerian women and other women.
Here are a few things Nigerian girls say vs. what they actually mean.

1. What they say:

I don’t want your girlfriends to break my head.

What they mean:

Are you single?
Shaq meme

2. What they say:

Don’t worry you can be going.

What they mean:

Better beg to stay.Please gif

3. What they say:

What are we now?Will smith shock

What they mean:

Are we giving this a shot or not?
Fat kid with cup

4. What they say:

If you’re not coming again it is fine.

What they mean:

Better cross the seven seas to get here.
Basketmouth laugh meme

5. What they say:

I’ll be ready in 5 minutes.

What they mean:

“But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years” 2 Peter 3:8.
Sad Chiwetel

6. What they say:

How is that your girlfriend sef?

What they mean:

You broken up with her or nah?

7. What they say:

When she DMs you saying “That girl you have been retweeting, her tweets make so much sense.”

What they mean:

I see what you’re doing dear. I see you.
sad boy

8. What they say:

It’s not you, it’s me.

What they mean:

Yep. This is me not getting any vibes from this relationship.

9. What they say:

When next are you going to see your mum?

What they mean:

Oga when am I going to meet your mum?
Nervous gif

10. What they say:

I think we need to take a break.

What they mean:

I think we need to take a break that ends in the afterlife.
Jordan Crying

11. What they say:

It is not like I want it sha, but it costs 50k.

What they mean:

Ogbeni buy it oh jare.
obama spraying money

12. What they say:

So you can’t call to check on someone abi?

What they mean:

I miss you and I need to find out if you miss me too.
Mr bean feeling the boy

13. What they say:

Nah. No problem. Its alright I don’t mind.

What they mean:

If they born you well, try it.
panic gif

14. What they say:

Ehn yeah, you are quite big.

What they mean:

Is this the kini you’ve been making noise about?


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