NEPA or PHCN wahala is one understandable thing that we have accepted as our faith in Nigeria, that even when power stays for long we worry and pray in our hearts that it should be off in order not to suffer it for long.
Nigerians would understand the fact that NEPA now PHCN makes us suffer for power and yet whether or not we make use of the light we have to pay the bills double of what we must have used.
To make you laugh a bit’s has come up with different palava we face with NEPA as Nigerians.
1. When they eventually bring the light
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The joy of screaming UP NEPA!!!
2. And they refuse to seize power after 2 hours
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3. When you are watching an interesting movie and rain starts falling.
4. When the light is so full, you get scared and start turning off the bulbs
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5. When the light is half current it tends to last more than when it is full
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6. There is constant power when people have traveled during festive season
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7. your power consumption doesn’t concern Nepa, you must pay your bill.
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