An Oklahoma County sheriff's deputy, Eutt Sharp, 30, was arrested for first-degree rape over the weekend. According to reports, Sharp was arrested after the unidentified woman reported she was raped. The woman told authorities that they had consensual sexual relations in the past but that prior to Oct. 27, when the incident occurred, she had told Sharp she just wanted to be friends.

On Oct. 27, Sharp allegedly contacted the woman and she agreed to let him come to her house while she cooked dinner. At some point, Sharp went into the woman's bedroom and began kissing her. The woman told police she told Sharp to stop but he allegedly straddled and raped her.

Sharp has since been fired from the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office and is accused of one count of first degree rape. "Immediately after learning of Sharp’s confession and subsequent arrest, I terminated his employment," said Sheriff John Whetsel. "We have zero tolerance for anyone who betrays the trust of our citizens. He wore a badge, and I am extremely upset and disappointed in his conduct."

Sharp was hired as a detention officer at the Oklahoma County Jail on Feb. 18, 2014. He then became a deputy sheriff on June 12, 2014 and was working as a school resource officer before this incident.

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